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Helping people and governments prepare for and reallocate resources for floods using machine learning.


Analyzing memory of users to determine signs of memory loss and provide key data for better Alzheimers diagnoses.

Asthma Alert

Helping asthmatics by alerting them when they are in high risk areas and identifying unique asthma triggers.

Med Detect

A disease detection and management system for hospitals to instantly diagnose malaria with high accuracy.

One Life

Supporting community members to assist people suffering from suicidal and depressive thoughts through ML and bots.


A peer to peer disaster relief tool accommodating the visually handicapped to navigate Natural Calamities.

Eye Can Code

An online platform built with a speech-to-text python code editor for the visually impaired to learn coding.

Draw it

Computer vision tool enabling teachers to draw on computer screens by moving writing implement in the air.


Detecting non helmet-wearing riders and reporting license plates to law enforcement to promote safe transportation.